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Journeys with Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media

Journeys with Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media by Barry Jagoda

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This is the story of a tumultuous time when Barry Jagoda had a front row seat to the Kennedy Assassination, first mass murder at the Texas tower, the moon landing, Watergate and the Carter Presidency. With an award-winning career in network news, Jagoda has seen the impact of the media on the success of political campaigns, elected officials, international business executives, academicians and thought leaders. With an eye on the power of digital tools and social networks as well as traditional media, Jagoda shines a light on how citizens can drive change at the polls particularly in 2020

Journeys With Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media reveals deep knowledge of elections, traditional and new media and the importance of continuing to find new journeys throughout life. Assistant to Jimmy Carter, Emmy-winning producer for CBS coverage of the Man on the Moon and the Watergate  scandal, and public affairs expert, Jagoda has now written of his dramatic roots and rising from Texas to New York City and Washington, DC, becoming a noted authority on the powerful use of new and legacy media.

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About Barry Jagoda

 Barry Jagoda,  author of Journeys With Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media,  served as Television Advisor and White House Assistant for President Jimmy Carter.  

Jagoda with Carter at Democratic Convention

Jagoda, an author and media commentator, was an award winning journalist at NBC News and CBS News and is a Correspondent and Contributing Writer for Times of San Diego. New book includes Citizens Guide for Participation in 2020 Elections.

Jagoda was a founding contributing editor of Texas Monthly magazine, editor of the world-wide travel and advocacy publication At The Top Journal and writer/project director for a series of International Reports for The Washington Times.  

As Senior Media Executive, managing dozens of projects in the public and private sectors, Jagoda has deep experience in policy analysis, branding, traditional/new media outreach and commentary.


As Director of Public Relations at The George Washington University, Director of Communications at the University of California and a Congressional Media Assistant, Jagoda was highly successful in media management and outreach in all fields of politics, the social sciences, arts and humanities and international relations.  

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Journeys with Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media by Barry Jagoda published by Koehler Books is available online from  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from your favorite bookstore in hardback, paperback and e-book format.

From the Book

Journeys with Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media reveals deep knowledge of elections, traditional and new media, and the importance of seeking new journeys throughout one's life.

Assistant to Jimmy Carter, Emmy-winning producer for CBS coverage of the first man on the moon and the Watergate scandal, and public affairs expert, Barry Jagoda writes of his dramatic roots and rise from Texas to New York City and Washington DC, becoming a noted authority on the powerful use of new and legacy media.

This modern history describes effective use of media tools in politics, business development and brand promotion, and includes practical tips on the use of media to promote candidates and defeat others in 2020.

Barry Jagoda: Special Assistant to the President

Inscribed: To Barry Jagoda, with best wishes of the

photographer, Neil Armstrong

Quotes and Comments

According to Theodore H. White, the "secret weapon" for Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign, "understanding the process of television news coverage was essential for winning the White House...Barry Jagoda brought that dimension to the Carter campaign."

"Barry Jagoda has been active in just about every important part of the public’s business, and tells about it superbly. Journeys with Jimmy Carter and Other Adventures in Media is a lively read, intelligent, insightful – and also fun – throughout.“

 --Robert E. Hunter, former U.S. Ambassador to NATO, was Carter Administration National Security Council Director for West European Affairs and Middle East Affairs.

"Readers of a certain age will love Jagoda’s insightful walk down memory lane. He was present at many of the events that shaped our lives. His vivid recollections will help us remember who we are and where we were."

--David Rosenbloom, eminent political scientist at Boston University School of Public Health, focusing on addiction, was long-time Commissioner of Health and Hospitals in Boston

"Barry Jagoda combines interesting insights into the news operations of America’s TV networks in the pre-cable days with a lively, personality-filled account of how his own ambition and experiences landed him a job as a key media adviser in President Carter’s White House. His description of the power struggle there shows how his support for spotlighting Carter’s agenda of multiple policy goals clashed with the effort by political advisers to present a more focused media message, a perennial conflict in many presidencies. In all, a fascinating picture of some enduring aspects of life in the White House."

--Carl P. Leubsdorf, a Washington correspondent for six decades, covered the Carter White House for The Baltimore Sun and writes a weekly column for The Dallas Morning News.

"This book is essential reading for anyone who wants an inside view of journalism and politics. Barry Jagoda comes from the tradition of superb journalism that was developed by Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. We need journalists like Barry Jagoda more than ever. "

--Victor Emanuel, one of the globe’s leading ornithologists and environmentalists is founder of VENT, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours.

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Barry Jagoda:

Analysis, Commentary and Consulting

Policy analysis for public and private sector

Advisor for national and international candidates, office holders and governments.  Focus on U.S., Europe and South America.

Expert commentary for new and traditional media

Media relations and media production for newsmaking public officials, high profile universities, research institutions, and private industry. Opinion commentary in social and traditional media

Media advisory service for election participation: Helpful for citizens industry, government,       authors and scholars

Guide for Citizen Participation in 2020 Elections. Promotion of institutional strengths and innovative work of individual scholars in broadcast, print and new media.


Advisor in the Oval Office

Fritz Mondale preparing for vice presidential debate

Inscribed from Dan Rather: For Barry Jagoda who was there helping.

Covering President Kennedy

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