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A native of Houston, Texas, Barry Jagoda has enjoyed a three-part career: First as an innovative journalist in print and television, he then gained a national and international reputation in political marketing through use of traditional mass media and new media technologies and ultimately, as a marketing and public relations executive, representing dozens of clients as varied as George Washington University, NASA, international telecommunications firms, large consumer oriented companies, and a wide variety of science, health, wellness and public service organizations.

An Emmy award winning senior producer at CBS News, Jagoda worked on all the major news programs of that organization, including The CBS Evening News With Walter Cronkite, Special Events such as national election and manned space coverage and a variety of other regular news programs and headline-making broadcasts.  At NBC News Jagoda was a writer on The Today Show, in New York and Washington, until joining CBS News.

As television advisor to presidential candidate Jimmy Carter, and later as Special Assistant in the White House, Jagoda became well known for creative use of traditional media as well as emerging vehicles for national and international communication.  His subsequent career as a writer and media specialist built upon these experiences.  Since 2003 he has based operations from La Jolla, CA.

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Barry Jagoda

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