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One of the globe’s leading authorities in the use of new and traditional mass media, Barry Jagoda is widely recognized for skills in finding wide audiences for institutional and individual ideas.  As a veteran Washington communications specialist he served as a White House media director, a congressional aide in media relations and senior executive managing dozens of projects for private sector and government organizations.

An award winning journalist with NBC News and CBS News, Jagoda was a founding contributing editor of the highly regarded Texas Monthly magazine and is Editor of the world-wide travel and advocacy publication At The Top  He is also writer and project director for a series of international reports which appear in The Washington Times newspaper.

Jagoda has deep experience in telecommunications and science marketing and policy analysis.   As Director of Communications at the University of California and Director of Public Relations for The George Washington University Jagoda achieved great success in branding and media relations in all fields of social sciences, arts and humanities and international relations.

Barry Jagoda: Writer, Consultant, Media Specialist

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